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Sunday, 29 March 2020 12:10

In Home EDC?

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We can’t deny it anymore- our world has changed. 

The big question is, how has your EDC changed to go along with it?  With many of us being largely housebound, do you need less options in your Every Day Carry, or, are you carrying more because now you finally have time to look at that Honey Do list that you have been avoiding since you didn’t have time before?


Gerber VersafixEither way, we likely all have time to re-evaluate what we are carrying, and this week I am looking at my latest acquisition- the Gerber Versafix machete.  Look for a new review coming soon!

Whatever you choose, stay safe out there- you are going to hear a lot of stuff, especially online about the threat posed by the coronavirus, but this is a serious one that you should be concerned about.  Even of you don’t believe it is, there’s no benefit to getting it or helping to spread it.

With our very international community, it’s not often that I can quote Red Green in his North of 40 segment and really mean it:

Hang in there.  I’m pulling for you.  We are all in this together.

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