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Tuesday, 14 March 2006 12:51

Leatherman Pulse Review

With the success of Leatherman’s PST and PST II models it was only a matter of time before the latter became an item to be thrown back to the multitool leaders drawing board with ways of how they could make their most popular tool even better.

Leatherman Pulse

The two main complaints that people have had with the original PST and the PST II was the lack of being able to get a comfortable grip because of the handles digging into your palm when applying pressure on a nut or bolt, and the lack of a locking feature on the tools themselves so they wouldn’t fold in on you while tightening a screw. Granted the method of locking till now has been decent and the offset of the screwdrivers to place the torque of the screwdriver tips to the outside worked great. But it was time for something more heavy duty and frustration free.

Leatherman Pulse

Leatherman has reintroduced the PST II as the “PULSE” featuring rolled edges on the handles and a new thumb rocker type locking system that pulls on the locking system similar to the Supertool’s locking system without having to pull out another tool to unlock anything. The thumb rocker takes some getting use to and it does take some pressure to roll the lock to unlock a tool but it’s much more functional and secure than what we had before.

The PULSE has all of the tools that were packed into the PST II which are:

Clip point knife blade 3 sizes of straight blade screwdrivers Phillips head screwdriver Scissors Can opener File with Diamond coated surface

A great addition to Leatherman’s ever growing line of multipurpose tools and sure to be a hit with beloved tool owners. Be sure to check out the review of Leatherman’s new Supertool 200 . Having the same new features as the pulse but in Supertool size.


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