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Saturday, 29 April 2023 22:04

SOG PowerAccess

Written by

While some manufacturers chose to either not release new tools for 2017 or simply chose to release some mediocre offerings, one company has single handedly delivered a host of new offerings. At SHOT Show in Las Vegas SOG introduced a host of new tools that were both innovative and forward thinking. The tool we will be looking at today is the SOG Poweraccess.

The Poweraccess is SOG’s upgraded version of the very pocketable Pocket Power Plier. The PPP has been a staple in their lineup for a long time but has been in much need of an upgrade. The Poweraccess is a huge leap in terms of design and comfort and you can tell SOG's been listening to their customers.
The PA comes in at 4.1 inches closed and is opened in the traditional butterfly method. The first and biggest thing that sets the PA apart from the PPP is the fact that all the tools are accessible from the tool while it’s in the closed position. Apart from most of SOG’s modernized offerings, tools normally are on the inside of their tools and must be accessed by opening the plier handles. This simple design feature makes this tool a joy to use and makes selecting the tool you need much easier than its predecessor.
The tool features 18 tools with 11 of those being available while the tool is in the closed position.

Double sided file

Medium flat driver/Bottle opener

Phillips screwdriver

Small flat driver/Can opener

Large flar driver


Eyeglass style driver

Knife blade

1/4 hex bit driver
I like the fact they have attempted to provide as much functionality into this tools as possible in such a small package. The tools are arranged so they can be removed via what seems like nail nicks but it doesn't work like expected. The tools can be removed by pulling out one of the more accessible tools and the tool next to it will rotate out due to clumping. Clumping is greatly reduced in this tool due to the washers between the implements but comes in handy due to this small design oversight.
 The 1/4 inch driver is something that I am conflicted about. I like the idea of the additional driver but having the need to carry additional bits with me prevents the tool from keeping its lightweight and pocket friendly image.  I am however happy that the included hex driver does provide comfort in regards to using the drivers on the tool. Previous versions of Compound Leverage have left the gears exposed to the user and made using the drivers awkward and very uncomfortable. SOG has extended the plier head so it protrudes past the gears and provides greater comfort when using the outer tools. The hex driver was developed for times when a situation would arise where a person would need a dedicated driver bit. I feel if you have dedicated driver bits, you usually have the dedicated driver to use those bits. I appreciate the design but most of us probably won’t need to use this added feature unless we carry bits with us.
The tool does feature a new redesigned locking system for the tools. Similar to the Powerlock series the tool features a single locking tab that you depress to unlock the tools. The original PPP did not have a locking system and this is a welcomed addition to the new tool. I also like the fact that the locking tab has wings which allow the tab to be depressed when the tool in its closed position. This makes unlocking the implements easy regardless if the tool is open or closed.
Opening the tool up we have SOG’s redesigned plier head. Like most multitools the plier head is a general all-purpose style with needle nose being the focal point. The pliers are very fine at the point for precise work and move down to a larger area for grabbing bolts and other things. The wire cutters feature both a standard wire cutter that bypass in nature and a hard wire cutter for larger diameter copper wire and such. This head design is very common in the industry and works well for general purpose without too much compromise.
What use would a pocket sized tool be without the addition of a pocket clip? The new PA features a sturdy pocket clip which makes carrying this tool incredibly easy. The pocket clip is also removable for those folks who prefer sheath carry for their tools.

The Poweraccess is a welcomed addition  to the SOG's every growing tool lineup and it's nice to see they still come up with ways to impress us. The PA is a fantastic tool that's great for everyday carry and tackle those things that come up on your honey do list.

Pros: lightweight
          Pocket clip
          Comfortable to use

Cons: Nail nicks don't work as intended
           Bit driver good idea but not necessary
David Bowen

As Co Founder of Multitool.org David has been a multitool enthusaist since the 90's.  David has always been fascinated with the design inginuity and uselfulness of multitools.

David is always looking forward to what's new in the industry and how the humble multitool continues to evolve as it radically changes and improves the lives of users.

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